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Suicide Squad (2x16): quotes

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Continuity Polaroid of Stanley Kubrick and Jack Nicholson on the Pantry set of The Shining.

Would it be fucked up to have sex with a zombie? I can barely get girls now so if I can survive the apocalypse I am thinking those female zombies are not half bad looking... I mean I would strap it up and put a muzzle on it .... and of course protection...
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February 28… Don’t forget.

Can’t wait for season 2!

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Jessica Parker Kennedy photographed by Joshua Shultz.

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Daryl Dixon 4x10: Inmates

one gifset per episode

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The Walking Dead Episode (4×09) Review – “After”
Tiffany Brown,

The Walking Dead Returns with an Existential Look at Life After the Prison MassacreThis week AMC’s The Walking Dead returns after an awfully long and painful hiatus. When we last saw the survivors, The Governor and his men had stormed the…

Check out my review of last night’s episode of The Walking Dead!

The Superman one they did is even funnier.


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