Lover of books, movies, and television. Currently sucked into all things Vampire Diaries, and Scandal related. Contemplating my existence after the demise of "LOST", "24", and "L&O". hit counter

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Ultimately, my job is to portray a living, breathing human being and to act truthfully under imaginary circumstances. I learn things from everything I do, but I’m constantly trying to better myself as an actor.

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SYTYCD11 → New Orleans Auditions

Megan Marcano  [ x ]

Let us all worship her like the goddess she is. 

I know I don’t usually reblog gifsets but I CAN’T WITH THIS GIRL.

My Niece is amazing. My MegPie

I don’t want my career to dictate how I should appear or behave.

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Suicide Squad (2x16): quotes

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Continuity Polaroid of Stanley Kubrick and Jack Nicholson on the Pantry set of The Shining.