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Megan Fox at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles, CA on January 16, 2011

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    the yuppie guy form Dawn of the Dead is behind her having zombie flashbacks
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    I used to be such a fan of how beautiful she was but now she just looks downright SCARY. Also, she’s a year older than...
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    What in fuck’s name is she’s WEARING that’s not even CLOTHES that doesn’t even look right it’s like ribbons and spandex...
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    She looks like an alien.
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    What has she done to her face!? And girl, eat something!
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    the only thing I see her that’s close to being pretty is her marilyn monroe tattoo, other than that this bitch looks...
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    ewww she looks too plastic
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    Holy shit the actual eye sex on my dash tonight is unbearable.
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